Strategic Partnerships: How Nearshore Staff Augmentation Drives Innovation

May 23, 2023

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In today's fast-paced and rapidly evolving IT landscape; innovation has become the driving force behind businesses' success and competitive advantage. Recognizing the critical role of high-performance IT teams in fostering innovation; Global Triangles; a leading tech solutions provider; has recently released a groundbreaking white paper titled "Building A High-Performance Team: Strategies from CTOs and Senior IT Managers." This comprehensive publication explores the direct link between innovation; high-performance IT teams; and the strategic utilization of nearshore staff augmentation.

To shed light on the insights and strategies presented in the white paper; I had the privilege of sitting down with Garry Lea; the CEO of Global Triangles. Our in-depth interview delved into the profound connection between innovation; high-performance IT teams; and the transformative power of nearshore staff augmentation. Throughout our conversation; Garry shared valuable perspectives; industry expertise; and success stories that highlight how nearshore staff augmentation drives innovation and propels businesses forward.

With the newly released white paper as our foundation; this article presents key highlights from my interview with Garry Lea; where we explore the critical role of high-performance IT teams in fostering innovation and how nearshore staff augmentation serves as a catalyst in achieving this goal. Together; we'll unravel the strategies; insights; and real-world examples that demonstrate the transformative impact of nearshore staff augmentation on innovation within mid-sized businesses.

So; let's dive into this enlightening discussion with Garry Lea; CEO of Global Triangles; as we uncover the direct correlation between innovation; high-performance IT teams; and the strategic partnership of nearshore staff augmentation.

Question 1: Garry; the white paper emphasizes the importance of high-performance IT teams in fostering innovation. Could you elaborate on how nearshore staff augmentation can contribute to this?

Garry Lea's Response:

"Absolutely. High-performance IT teams have a unique ability to create an environment that fosters innovation; not only within their own ranks but also across the organization. Nearshore staff augmentation plays a vital role in this process by bringing in specialized talent with diverse perspectives; fresh ideas; and cutting-edge skills. A study by Quantum Workplace reveals that diverse teams are 20% more innovative than less diverse teams. These individuals can seamlessly integrate with existing teams; injecting new energy and expertise into projects. By augmenting teams with nearshore talent; businesses gain access to a broader pool of knowledge; enabling them to tackle complex challenges and drive innovation."

Question 2: The white paper discusses the benefits of automation in enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs. How does nearshore staff augmentation contribute to this aspect of innovation?

Garry Lea's Response:

"Automation is a powerful tool for streamlining processes and optimizing efficiency. Nearshore staff augmentation allows businesses to tap into talent pools with expertise in automation technologies. By leveraging this expertise; organizations can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks; freeing up resources for more innovative endeavors. This not only leads to significant cost savings but also provides teams with the bandwidth to focus on creative problem-solving and driving business growth. We found that TUI; a leading tourism group; has achieved significant cost savings and efficiency gains through IT automation. In 2020; TUI was able to reduce operational costs by 70 percent; and the company's DevOps team noted that automation was critical in freeing up resources for innovation and creativity."

Question 3: The white paper highlights the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives in fostering innovation. How does nearshore staff augmentation contribute to building diverse and innovative teams?

Garry Lea's Response:

"Diversity and inclusion are essential elements in building high-performing and innovative teams. Nearshore staff augmentation enables businesses to access talent from different regions and cultures; bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to the table. By embracing diversity; organizations can unlock a wealth of creativity and fresh insights that lead to groundbreaking solutions. Through nearshore staff augmentation; businesses can build teams that truly represent a global workforce; fostering an inclusive environment where different ideas are valued and celebrated. In fact; according to a survey conducted by Gartner; diverse groups perform up to 50% better than less diverse teams."  

Question 4: The white paper mentions that staff augmentation provides complete management control over the talent brought in. How does this level of control contribute to innovation within organizations?

Garry Lea's Response:

"The level of control provided by staff augmentation is a significant advantage for businesses. Unlike other outsourcing models; where external teams operate independently; staff augmentation allows organizations to integrate the augmented talent seamlessly into their existing teams. This integration enables companies to align resources; set priorities; and foster a shared vision for innovation. By having complete management control over the augmented staff; businesses can ensure that the talent fully embraces their work practices; company culture; and strategic objectives; creating a cohesive and high-performing team. For example; a survey of Global Triangles clients in December 2022 revealed that the key strengths they find in the staff augmentation model are access to expertise and experience; greater flexibility and the responsiveness of Global Triangles. 100 percent of Global Triangles clients think that staff augmentation is an extremely flexible way to build a high performance team".

Question 5: Based on the white paper and your expertise; what are your thoughts on the benefits of nearshore staff augmentation in driving innovation?

Garry Lea's Response:

"Nearshore staff augmentation offers numerous benefits that contribute to innovation. It provides businesses with access to highly skilled and passionate talent at competitive rates; giving them the flexibility to augment their existing teams with the right expertise. This approach helps diversify the team while retaining complete control over work practices and company culture. By combining external knowledge and expertise with internal operations; organizations can create an environment conducive to innovation and productivity. Nearshore staff augmentation empowers businesses to embrace new ideas; improve processes; and drive meaningful change. The collaborative nature of these partnerships promotes cross-pollination of ideas; sparks creativity; and ultimately fuels innovation within organizations."

Question 6: How does nearshore staff augmentation contribute to employee retention and the development of high-performing teams?

Garry Lea's Response:

"Nearshore staff augmentation plays a significant role in employee retention and the development of high-performing teams. One of the key advantages of this model is that the augmented staff becomes an integrated part of the company's team; working exclusively for the organization. This integration fosters a sense of ownership; belonging; and loyalty among the augmented team members. They feel valued and appreciated; which leads to higher job satisfaction and reduces turnover rates. Moreover; the flexibility and exposure to diverse projects offered by nearshore staff augmentation contribute to the professional growth and development of team members; further enhancing their engagement and commitment to the organization. The proof is in the data; 96 percent of Global Triangles staff are retained by clients for at least a year and a survey of Global Triangles staff in December 2022 helps to us understand why Global Triangles have a high retention rate of staff that ultimately end up staying with clients as part of their high performing teams for a long time.  The survey revealed that 93 percent of Global Triangles staff think that they'll still be working at Global Triangles in 2 years time and 86% percent find their work meaningful. One member of staff anonymously commented in the survey "I am happy to have found this workplace where I have been able to fulfill myself professionally walking alongside great professionals who have become very valuable friends who help me improve every day.""

Question 7: Can you share some success stories or examples of how nearshore staff augmentation has driven innovation and productivity for Global Triangles' clients?

Garry Lea's Response:

"Absolutely! We have witnessed numerous success stories where nearshore staff augmentation has fueled innovation and productivity for our clients. For instance; one of our clients; Harvard Bioscience; a leading medical equipment company; faced challenges managing their diverse port folio of e-commerce websites and augmented our staff into their team. By leveraging our nearshore staff augmentation services; they were able to seamlessly integrate skilled developers into their existing team. This strategic collaboration enabled them to deliver innovative solutions; improve customer experiences; and gain a competitive edge in the market at a very cost effective price. Diane Houston;VP of Global IT at Harvard Bioscience commented that one of the things she particularly likes about our team is that if what they are requesting won't meet their objectives the team present great alternatives. We've been working with Harvard Bioscience for over 7 years. Similar success stories can be found across various industries; highlighting the transformative impact of nearshore staff augmentation on innovation and productivity."  


In our insightful interview with Garry Lea; CEO of Global Triangles; we explored the role of nearshore staff augmentation in driving innovation within mid-sized businesses. Through the discussion; it became evident that nearshore staff augmentation brings numerous benefits to organizations aspiring to stay ahead of the curve in today's rapidly evolving IT landscape.

By leveraging nearshore staff augmentation; businesses can foster innovation through the integration of highly skilled and diverse talent into their existing teams. These talented professionals inject fresh perspectives; cutting-edge skills; and a global mindset; driving creativity and problem-solving capabilities. Additionally; nearshore staff augmentation enables organizations to optimize efficiency and reduce operational costs by leveraging automation technologies and process streamlining.

Furthermore; nearshore staff augmentation contributes to building high-performance teams by embracing diversity and inclusion. The access to talent from different regions and cultures enhances creativity; fosters collaboration; and yields innovative solutions. This approach helps organizations in cultivating a culture of openness and learning; empowering teams to tackle complex challenges and drive meaningful change.

Global Triangles' white paper; "Building A High-Performance Team: Strategies from CTOs and Senior IT Managers;" is a worthy read for managers seeking innovative approaches to drive their success. The white paper provides valuable insights into the benefits of nearshore staff augmentation; showcasing real-world examples and practical strategies to build high-performance teams that fuel innovation and deliver exceptional results.

In conclusion; nearshore staff augmentation serves as a strategic partnership that unlocks the potential for innovation within mid-sized businesses. By embracing this approach; organizations can access top talent; optimize operational efficiency; promote diversity and inclusion; and cultivate a culture of innovation. Through these efforts; businesses can stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving IT landscape; drive growth; and achieve remarkable outcomes.

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