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What is Custom Software Development?
Our custom software development service handles everything for you, turning your dream
product into reality. From concept to completion, we build exactly what you need, the way you
want it. Our expertise extends across industries, with successful projects spanning FinTech,
Healthcare, consumer services, recruiting, and many others. Whatever your industry you can trust
us to bring your vision to life, keeping you involved every step of the way. Leave the technical
details to our expert team and focus on your business’s success.
Looking for a Custom Software Solution
for your unique vision?
Tailored to Your Vision:
A custom-built software solution that perfectly aligns with your unique requirements and aspirations.
Expertise and Effortless Execution:
Effortlessly bring your dream product to life with our skilled team handling every aspect of development.
Active Collaboration:
Stay in the loop throughout the process, providing feedback and insights to create exactly what you want.
Success Story
Empowering Startups
with Aguagente
The problem
Aguagente was a startup business that had the vision to provide unlimited purified water to people's homes by installing water purifying equipment in the client's homes and charging a low monthly fee that includes all the service and maintenance.

The problem they faced was finding an off-the-shelf ERP solution that was affordable and would meet their unique business requirements. they wanted a paperless business, that provided the highest level of service and could be "managed from a tablet". However, off-the-shelf systems could not track filter changes, client payments, and service calls, amongst many other things, without expensive customizations.
The challenge
Aguagente needed a solution that could meet their immediate business needs and have the capability to grow with the business. They sought a team that could understand their needs and bring their ambitious concept to life within a reasonable timeframe and budget.
Global Triangles worked with Aguagente to clearly understand the immediate needs of the startup, the minimum viable product (MVP), and how they envisaged a fully developed ERP System working. We developed a modular strategy to build a custom ERP System. Using a strict sprint methodology and only building essential functions needed to be able to start the business a working ERP System was built in weeks. Then over 3 years, we continued to develop new modules and additional functions for existing modules as the business grew. Today Aguagente has a fully functioning ERP System, Client App, and Technicians App and has built a reputation for the excellent service they provide. The business is managed from a tablet.
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