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What is Staff Augmentation?
At Global Triangles, we are a game-changing solution for businesses seeking to enhance and grow
their teams – Nearshore Staff Augmentation. This staffing model allows you to access a diverse
talent pool of skilled professionals from Mexico, who will integrate into your projects, providing the
expertise you need. Contrary to IT Outsourcing, Staff Augmentation is a strategic approach to fill
specific IT skill gaps within your existing team by enlisting the services of external or contract
workers, rather than handing control of your projects to external teams.
Looking for a Custom Software Solution
for your unique vision?
Access to Top Talent:
Gain direct access to top-tier professionals skilled in various technologies and languages.
Swift Project Onboarding:
Quickly select the candidates best suited for your projects and avoid hiring and training costs.
Flexible Management:
Retain complete control over the selected team members and their tasks, applying your preferred approaches and methodologies.
Cost-Effective Solution:
Eliminate the expenses associated with creating new full-time positions.
Success Story
Bridging Skill Gaps
with Class Valuation
The problem
Class Valuation has an existing team of software engineers based at their local office and wanted to extend their team. They were looking for staff that they could communicate with daily, integrate with the existing squad easily and have the skills to achieve the project goals.
The challenge
Class Valuation could not hire staff in the USA due to a limited budget and lack of available resources. Recruiting new talent for their team required an extensive time frame, which meant a higher risk of falling short on market demand.
Using the Staff Augmentation model provided by Global Triangles, Class Valuation has individually chosen candidates from our extensive talent pool and managed them as their own. Skill gaps have been filled by integrating valuable talent assets, such as full-stack software engineers, data engineers, and DevOps Engineers, that work alongside the Class Valuation staff to excel in all their projects as one.
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