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Change lives and empower aspiring women on their journey to success in the tech field.

Did you know that only 25% of tech jobs in the US are filled by women? And far less in Mexico.

Donate your unused laptops, and you can help young women’s dreams succeed and create a more inclusive tech landscape.

Help young women shape their future. Make a difference today!

700 people are studying Computer Systems Engineering at the Tec de Mérida but only 20% are women.

The Tec has only one computer lab, with less than 50 desktop computers for students in Computer Systems Engineering. They have to share them and most students can’t afford to buy computers.

Help them turn dreams into reality, donating your unused laptops can help turn aspirations into achievements. Make a difference in a young woman's life.

More about Tec de Merida

Tec de Merida is a federal public college with a large percentage of students from low-income families.

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Diane Houston

Global Triangles Scholarship Program

We are taking a holistic approach to increasing the number of women studying Computer Systems Engineering and starting careers in the Technology sector.

Requirements to donate:

  • Laptops only
  • No more than 4 years old
  • Must be factory reset
  • No passwords
  • Must come with a power cable
Diane Houston

Steps to donate:


Please contact us for the delivery address in Laredo, Texas.


Attach a label to the laptop showing your name, and email, so we can send you a photograph of the person who received the laptop


Send us the tracking number so we can let you know it has been received safely.

Global Triangles will pay for shipping fees to bring your laptop(s) to Mexico and get them to the students.

The laptops will be given to the students at the start of the next semester in September 2024.


We are more than an external IT provider, we are a true ally.

Our mission is to provide affordable solutions that help you achieve your goals.

“They present great
I highly
recommend their services”.

Diane Houston, VP of Global IT Harvard Bioscience
Diane Houston
Global Triangles

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