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Our philosophy based on personalised service will make us become part of your team. If you need us, we will be there.

Our speciality lies in our team's ability to support you in any kind of language or technology.

Clients say

I have worked closely with Global Triangles for over three years as my nearshore solution provider. We had worked together on previous projects and now at Class Valuation, where they have become an integral part of a larger international team that I have built. The quality of work, dedication and speed at which they consistently execute and deliver continues to impress. They recently provided critical support in developing a high-priority mobile app taken from concept to production in less than three weeks. This was in response to changing business needs due to the coronavirus pandemic. We enjoy a close working relationship with Global Triangles, and they have repeatedly proven that they can quickly adapt to our needs while providing both quality and value.
- Gary Ferguson, Chief Technology Officer, Class Valuation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is nearshore?

Nearshore, also known as nearshoring, is a type of outsourcing or externalization of some of the company's services or activities to a company or organization in a nearby country at reduced costs. This allows specific tasks to be delegated, such as software development and business process management.

One of its advantages is that it reduces fixed costs, especially in terms of salaries and other employee benefits, such as health insurance and taxes. With this outsourcing strategy, you can have a smaller staff base and spend less time and resources on personnel management, representing a double saving.

Other benefits are cultural proximity, convenient location, same or similar time zone and same or similar language.

The ability to outsource some of the processes also gives your business a more flexible structure so that you can respond more nimbly to market changes.

When comparing Nearshore to other types of outsourcing, onshore outsourcing is where the vendor is in the same country, possibly the same or different city. Offshore outsourcing is where the vendor is further away from the client's country.

At Global Triangles, we offer each of these outsourcing options.
We can provide Onshore outsourcing services to clients in Mexico, Nearshore outsourcing services to clients in the USA or Canada, and Offshore outsourcing services to clients in the UK or Europe.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing model that a client uses to fill specific missing skills or experience by utilizing external or contract workers.

The client typically selects specific individuals or teams they require from the extensive talent pool at Global Triangles. They would also maintain direct management control of the people or team members and the work they are completing.

With this model, you can choose candidates quickly for your projects and manage them with the approaches of your choice. There are no expenses relating to the hiring or training of the candidates. With Global Triangles' involvement, you can work on your key projects whilst we manage the relevant administrative and organizational responsibilities related to employment.

Global Triangles employs software developers directly, resulting in decreased cost of creating new full-time positions. Nonetheless, the Global Triangles software developers that you select will be contracted exclusively to you with our Staff Augmentation model.

What technologies do you use?

At Global Triangles, our focus is on employing naturally gifted and passionate software developers who can work with any computer language or technology. We pride ourselves in putting together teams that are problem solvers and embrace challenges.

We have front-end, back-end, and full-Stack software engineers with experience in JavaScript, .NET, Go, Java, and PHP.

We have extensive experience working with eCommerce platforms such as Magento and many open-source technologies.

Our DevOps engineers have the knowledge and experience with many cloud-based servers such as AWS, Azure, Google, and the server tools available.

Our QA Engineers have experience in both manual and automated testing.

When it comes to design, we have graphic designers that have experience in mobile, web-based, business and consumer UI/UX design.

If you require a specific language or technology, let us help you - we can source more gifted software developers who have the knowledge and experience.

What kind of investment support do you offer?

At Global triangles, we invest our time and effort into the projects we believe in!

Every once in a while, a startup or small business will approach us and ask for software development support. If it is a business idea that truly captivates us and, if appropriate and desired by the client, we will invest time and effort in the form of sweat equity.

This type of investment has several advantages. Firstly, it gives other investors confidence in your business since you have an established IT partner who has invested in executing your ideas. Secondly, the investment counts towards your fundraising round, making finding other funding easier when you already have initial committed investors.

Lastly, it provides close relationships and trust since we now have a big incentive to ensure you successfully deliver the project.

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is the practice of having a third-party software development company handle a specific tasks or project instead of using in-house software developers. For very small projects it can sometimes be very cost effective to outsource directly to a freelance software developer but generally it’s much safer to work with a software development company such as Global Triangles since we can build a team of mixed skills from frontend, backend, Devops, Data Science and QA engineers to complete your project ina timely manner and still be much more cost effective than using an in-house team.

Global Triangles can build a team to complete a wide array of specific projects such as website development, e-commerce websites, consumer and business applications, ERP & CRM systems and other software development requirements.

What’s the difference between Staff Augmentation and Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing is the practice of having a third-party software development company handle a specific tasks or project instead of using in-house software developers. Staff augmentation, on the other hand, is when a company uses an external third-party contractor to add additional staff or resources to an existing in-house IT department. Staff augmentation typically involves bringing in a high performing professional with specific skills and knowledge. Global Triangles offers both IT Staff Augmentation and IT Outsourcing services.

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