At Global Triangles we are more than an external IT provider,
we are a true ally.

About Us

We have a single mission; to offer solutions that together help us achieve your goals and those of your company at affordable prices.

Our personalised services and reliable team allow us to be productive and reactive to the new challenges that arise in each project.

We pride ourselves in generating agreements that work for your company and team.


Experience the power of collaboration with Global Triangles as an ally in tech staff augmentation.



Staff that think they will still be working with us in 2 years


Clients consider we've
been extremely flexible at
helping them achieve their goals


Of our clients are
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recommend us

Meet Our Team

Garry Lea

Garry Lea

Founder and CEO of Global Triangles, has worked with business owners and entrepreneurs for more than 7 years to help create and build tailored IT products. Garry is also the leader of an internal investment team to help identify new opportunities for the company.

Cynthia Martinez

Cynthia Martinez
SVP of Talent

HR Head with more than 20 years of experience, has worked as a Human Resources leader for one of the biggest corporations in the banking industry. Cynthia is in charge of all of our staff, as well as helping new hires have a seamless integration into the company.

Rodrigo Jimenez

Rodrigo Jiménez
Senior Software
Engineer Lead


As the leader of our in-house development team, he serves as a manager for all projects that involve building IT solutions. Rodrigo’s work is backed by his 14 years of experience working as a software developer, as well as a project manager in the IT solutions industry.

David Haggett

David Haggett
Senior Business Development Manager

David worked for over 20 years in sales and management for some of the biggest niche software companies in the world. He is now working with the Global Triangles team to increase the visibility of their winning range of skills and applications to help companies boost their profits and efficiency.

Mónica Muñoz

Mónica Muñoz
UX UI Designer

With a passion for creating interfaces that are both visually stunning and user-centric, Mónica brings a wealth of experience to our team. As a Senior Designer, she specializes in crafting intuitive and seamless user experiences, ensuring that every interaction is as efficient as it is beautiful. Mónica is dedicated to blending aesthetics with functionality to deliver designs that truly resonate with users.

Mónica Muñoz

Nate Nielsen

Nate is a veteran software leader with over 25 years of experience developing and architecting cutting-edge solutions for apps, enterprise systems, and the web. He has worked with companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. Nate's expertise allows him to drive projects with technical proficiency and leadership acumen.7

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