Global Triangles Announces New Guaranteed Staff Augmentation Rates For Up To 3 Years

February 07, 2023

As the tech industry faces immense uncertainty; the CEO of Global Triangles; Garry Lea; promises stable staff augmentation rates for up to three years. Lea postulates that global investment in IT continues to increase year on year despite tech layoffs and general fears surrounding the strength of the industry. SMEs still need to move forward with their digital transformation strategies and take another look at their budgets to do more for less.

According to Lea; “the instability of the IT recruitment sector has highlighted some of the shortfalls of traditional hiring campaigns. We’ve seen the tech industry overextending during the pandemic; which it is now trying to mitigate. However; this does not mean there isn’t an immense need for skilled IT professionals across the board and not only within the IT industry itself.”

One way of ensuring sustainability in the industry is through staff augmentation. Staff augmentation is a human resource strategy involving external personnel complementing an organization’s workforce to provide specialized expertise and increase productivity while improving project delivery and efficiency. The external personnel can be hired as contractors; consultants; or employees of the organization; and the arrangement can be temporary or permanent; depending on the company’s needs.

This strategy is commonly used in the technology industry; where companies may need specialized skills for short-term projects or to address skills gaps in their existing workforce. For example; a company may need additional software developers to help with a specific project or a designer to work on a new product launch.

One of the critical benefits of staff augmentation is that it allows companies to quickly access the specialized skills and expertise they need without having to make a long-term commitment to hiring additional staff. This can be especially beneficial during rapid growth or change; as companies can quickly bring in other resources to meet increased demand.

Another benefit of staff augmentation is cost savings. Companies can reduce their overall expenses by hiring staff when needed and avoiding the costs of training; benefits; and other long-term commitments. This is especially important during economic uncertainty when businesses are torn between maintaining and creating innovative projects and fearing decreased revenue. This often has disastrous implications; including layoffs; which staff augmentation can mitigate.

In addition; staff augmentation can provide improved access to a broader pool of talented professionals who can bring fresh ideas and diverse perspectives to the organization. This can help companies stay competitive in a rapidly changing market and can also help to keep existing staff motivated and engaged.

“The past couple of years have been fraught with immense global change; and businesses have had to adapt to survive; but many have thrived during this period. Staff augmentation is a way for companies to keep up with the competition through a skilled and diverse range of employees who are particularly suited to unique projects and can complement the existing workforce;” continues Lea.

Overall; staff augmentation is a flexible and effective way for companies to manage their workforce and achieve their business goals. By bringing in specialized expertise and resources as needed; companies can improve project delivery; increase efficiency; and stay competitive in a challenging market.

As augmented staff are typically hired contractors; companies don’t have to provide benefits or insurance coverage. They also save money on office space and equipment as many augmented teams work remotely.

About Global Triangles

Global Triangles operates in the IT and Services industry and offers clients in the United States and Canada exemplary and passionate developers through staff augmentation. Their vetted and professional teams are well-equipped to be proactive and reactive to any challenges which may arise during the project they have been engaged to complete. Global Triangles is committed to generating mutually beneficial agreements which allow companies to achieve their goals at affordable rates.

Their services include the following:
• Staff Augmentation
• Project outsourcing
• It Investment Partner
• Internet of Things
• Big Data Analytics
• Building IT developer teams to establish or enhance IT solutions
• Bespoke turn-key solutions
• App/Web Development
• Nearshore/Offshore services
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Global Triangles
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Source: https://www.einpresswire.com/article/615597412/global-triangles-announces-new-guaranteed-staff-augmentation-rates-for-up-to-3-years

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