Discover the ultimate
secrets to improve
IT Staff Retention

Boston, April 24th from 19:00 hrs

IT staff retention is a critical issue for
many organizations, especially in the
startup technology sector
High turnover rates can hurt a fast-growing company's productivity,
quality, customer satisfaction, and profitability.
Employee Turnover

Employee Turnover

Learn the main reasons why employees leave startups and how to take action properly.

Hire the right people

Hire the right people

An employee who fits in with their work culture is more likely to be engaged and committed.

Retention Strategies

Retention Strategies

Learn our Best Practices for IT Staff Retention and receive a Free IT Staff Retention Consulting.

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Meet our speakers

Garry has been working with business owners and entrepreneurs for over 10 years to create and build customized IT products. He is also the leader of an internal investment team that identifies new opportunities for the company. With his extensive experience in the IT industry, Garry has gained a deep understanding of the importance of employee retention in the field.

93% of Global Triangles staff expect to be working for the company in 2 years. This is a testament to Garry’s leadership and the company’s commitment to creating a positive work environment for its employees.To help you discover the ultimate secrets to improve IT staff retention, Garry will share his insights including the following topics:

  • Creating a positive work environment: Join us to discuss how to create a work environment that fosters employee satisfaction and engagement. This includes strategies for improving communication, promoting work-life balance, and providing opportunities for professional development.
  • Building a strong company culture: Discuss how to build a strong company culture that aligns with your organization’s values and goals. This includes strategies for promoting teamwork, recognizing employee contributions, and creating a sense of community within the workplace.
Garry Lea

Garry Lea, Founder and CEO of Global Triangles

Cynthia is the HR Head for Global Triangles. With over 20 years of experience, she has worked as a Human Resources leader for one of the largest corporations in the banking industry. Today, Cynthia is responsible for leading our staff along with her team, ensuring that everyone receives the necessary support and is thriving in their roles.

If your company is going through a growth process, Cynthia is the person you should reach out to, as her area of expertise is focused on Performance Management, Career Development Plans, and Recruiting. Join us to discuss topics related to hiring and staff retention and let Cynthia share her experience and insights with you.

Cynthia Martinez

Cynthia Martinez, SVP of Talent

Come join us!

Boston, April 24th from 19:00 hrs

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