Staff that think they
will still be working
with us in 2 years


Clients consider we've
been extremely flexible at
helping them achieve their goals


Of our clients are
extremely likely to
recommend us

Our team

Garry Lea, CEO

Aidee Herrera,
UX/UI Designer

Gregorio Rubio, Talent Management

Rigel Aguiar,
Frontend Software Engineer

Josafat Padilla, Backend Software Engineer

Fernando Alpuche, QA Engineer

Rodrigo Jimenez, Fullstack Development

Rodrigo Alayola,
DevOps Engineer

Luis Casanova,
Full Stack Development

Sergio Cauich,
DevOps Engineer

Carlos Padron,
Big Data Engineer

Rodrigo Diaz,
Backend Software Engineer

Rodrigo Salas,
Backend Software Engineer

Gustavo Canul,
Frontend Software Engineer

Cynthia Martinez,
Human Resources

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