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What is E-Commerce Development?
At Global Triangles, we offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions that empower businesses in
the digital marketplace. Our team of certified experts in Adobe Commerce (Magento), and other
leading e-commerce platforms, is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions to
drive your online business to success.
Why is developing your E-Commerce channel
along with experts a good idea?
Wide Range of Services:
Including website development, customization, and optimization. Whether you require a new e-commerce website built from scratch or need to revamp an existing one.
Solutions That Exceed Expectations:
A responsive and mobile-friendly website, optimized performance, enhanced user experience and effective SEO strategies to boost your online visibility and attract more customers.
Powerful Performance and Flexibility:
As Magento certified developers, we specialize in Magento e-commerce development, offering deep expertise in leveraging the platform’s powerful features.
Success Story
Mastering Magento
with MXR
The problem
MXR Imaging is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging equipment and consumables in the United States. They have an B2B e-commerce site that clients use to order products. It was built using an outdated version of Adobe Magento Enterprise that had reached end of life cycle, Adobe was no longer providing security patches for the latest vulnerabilities, posing a real security risk to customers and to MXR if they were to continue using this version.
The challenge
MXR Imaging approached Global Triangles to migrate their e-commerce site to the latest version of Magento. While reviewing the site our team of experts found that they were not using many of the exclusive features of the Enterprise edition and that the features they were using could be easily replaced using inexpensive plugins available in the community edition.
In addition, MXR had a complex custom integration to their SAP ERP system that was very fragile and prone to errors.
We suggested that they move to the community edition, which would save them over $50,000 each year in licensing costs. We also recommended that we rewrite the SAP integration to make it more stable and reliable. The challenge was that MXR’s Magento renewal contract was due in 60 days, which posed a hard deadline that seemed extremely unlikely to achieve.
The Global Triangles team of Magento certified developers successfully migrated MXR’s e-commerce shop to Adobe Magento Community 2.x. They also rewrote the custom integration to SAP in a simpler and more robust manner so that it worked with the new version of Magento. As a result, MXR now has a faster, more secure, and feature-rich e-commerce shop that is also much more affordable.
In addition to the technical achievements, Global Triangles also worked closely with MXR to ensure that the new e-commerce shop met their business needs. They conducted user testing and made recommendations for improvements to the user experience. As a result, MXR’s customers are now able to shop more easily and efficiently on their website.
Overall, Global Triangles was able to provide MXR with a comprehensive solution to their e-commerce challenges. They migrated MXR’s shop to a newer, more secure version of Magento, made it more affordable, and improved the user experience. As a result, MXR is now better equipped to compete in the online marketplace. And incredibly this was all accomplished in 60 days beating their hard deadline for the annual licensing fee!
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