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Class Valuation, a leader in the appraisal industry, strives to transform the traditional appraisal industry by developing innovative technology solutions to streamline and reinvent home valuations.

Class Valuation has an existing team of software engineers based at their local office and wanted to extend their team. They were looking for staff that they could communicate with daily, integrate with the existing squad easily and have the skills to achieve the project goals.

The challenges they faced were: they could not hire in the USA due to the costs and lack of available resources, recruiting new staff would take too long, and there were many risks with market demand.

Having worked with Global Triangles on a previous project, the CEO of Class Valuation approached us, knowing that we could provide the exact requirements using a Staff Augmentation model.

Global Triangles supports Class Valuation by providing technical resources such as full-stack software engineers, data engineers, DevOps Engineers and other resources that work alongside the Class Valuation staff to achieve their goals. Global Triangles has helped Class Valuation develop proprietary platforms that offer cutting edge services and products without parallel in the industry.

Using the Staff Augmentation model, Class Valuation has individually chosen candidates from our talent pool and managed them as if they were their staff. The technical resources are employed directly by Global Triangles and are contracted exclusively on a project-by-project basis.

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Aguagente SAPI de CV is a water as a service company based in Mexico. They provide water filtration services throughout the country.

Due to Aguagente being a startup, they required investment funding and approached Global Triangles.

After reviewing their concept, we fell in love with their business idea and invested in their company through sweat equity.

We had provided them with a basic ERP system from inception to production in three months, enabling the company to launch and begin signing clients. Aguagente was also able to present a working product to other investors.

The software development services we then provided were the ability to charge clients and create installation tickets, and we added the ability to generate scheduled filter changes automatically.

We also prioritized certain features and releases to provide optimum efficiency in the investment. Customers require their first filter change a year after the initial installation, which allowed us to lower the priority on this feature until later in the year.

As the client's business grew, we invested further by building a dispatch module that showed any open tickets on a map to ensure that technicians were effectively deployed.

We added functionality to the client app so that their customers could see their payment history and share marketing material on social media. We recently created an app for the Aguagente technicians, which allows for tickets to be created with Google map directions and the ability to quickly close the ticket with a GPS location and timestamp to provide historic evidence of jobs being completed.

Currently, we are working to integrate patent-pending IoT technology into the custom-built ERP and Apps.

By investing in the Aguagente, we could align with the client and the project closely. With a strong IT provider like Global Triangles investing in their product, Aguagente could provide a working product and gain the confidence of other investors. The investment also counts towards their fundraising round, making finding additional funding easier when they already have initial committed investors.

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The CV Squad is a multi Award-Winning professional CV Writing service with real recruitment experience, working with customers worldwide. With the growth they experienced in recent years, they approached Global Triangles to work together using a Project Outsourcing model.

The services provided to CV Squad were to rebuild their CV/Resume managing platform and automation of processes to expand their possibilities and increase client reach.

We also worked on reducing response times and costs.

We developed API solutions to integrate their services with third-party service providers to expand their business further.

By outsourcing specific projects to Global Triangles, CV Squad was able to access a high level of experience and technical knowledge required to deliver the project, reduced costs and faster project completion due to the expertise of the Global Triangles development team.

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